What will you get?

You will get individual eTraxis installation, which will be available at distinct subdomain (e.g. https://myname.etraxis.com) and will work with separated MySQL database. All installations are isolated from each other and secured via SSL.

Migration to the hosting

If you already have on-site installation of eTraxis and would like to start using our hosting, we can import your existing data for free.

Pay as you go

We have no long-terms contracts and you may quit our hosting any moment. In this case we will export your existing data for you and will provide you with them in most convenient for you way, which is available to us.

Our server platform

We run on a server, hosted at datacenter in Atlanta (USA). It's powered by an Intel Xeon L5520 (2.26 GHz) processor and runs Linux with PHP5 and MySQL.

To get rid of data loss we use InnoDB engine for MySQL. Also, the server is backed up daily.