Frequently asked questions

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"eTraxis" is acronym with initialism of "extensible tracking system".

To authenticate please use "root" login with password you entered on registration.

You have to configure at least one template. In few words, it consists of following steps:

  1. Create necessary accounts.
  2. Create new project.
  3. Create groups in the project and add required accounts to these groups, as needed.
  4. Create new template in the project and set up permissions on this template for your groups.
  5. Create required states inside the template and set transitions between them.

These steps are described in details in "Configure a workflow in 10 steps".

Please double check the following:

  • Project must be "active" (not "suspended").
  • Template must be "active" (not "locked").
  • Template must have at least one state of "Intermediate" type, which is marked as "Initial".
  • User must have permissions to create records using this template (be a member of at least one group, allowed to create such records).

No, record ID is regular 32 bits integer (or even 64 bits, depending on the platform), and can grow up to 231 (or 263 relatively). Three digits with leading zeros is only a decoration; when you reach 1000, the ID will be visually expanded. So, the rule of composing ID is to show "at least 3 digits", not "exactly 3 ones".