This list of eTraxis features is not complete, and is meant just to make your sure that eTraxis worths to try it out. Start with a free account − you will always be able to upgrade it if needed.

Customizable workflows

One of the main features of eTraxis is a complete customization of the items you track. You can set up any workflow with any rules, and actually you can track anything besides bugs in software. It can be your tasks, or your stamps collection, or stuff you borrow from your friends (or give them) − just anything that can be described as a state machine. This makes eTraxis not yet another "bug tracking tool"!

Flexible permissions

eTraxis has extensive permissions management. There are three bunches of permissions:

  • permissions to operations on tracking items
  • permissions to transitions of tracking items from one particular state to another
  • permissions to custom data fields of tracking items

All permissions are managed among groups of users. Besides groups, there are also three system roles in eTraxis − registered user, author, and responsible − which can be used to manage permissions too.


You can comment on any item, creating a related discussion. BBCode is supported.

Complete history

You always can see a complete history of all events, actions, and changes, done to your every item. Even when some item has been modified, you are still able to see what were its old values.


Your users can attach required files to their items, like it's performed in the emails world. You have a storage for such files, which is measured in GBs.

Filters and views

It's easy and flexible to set up your own filters for list of items to be displayed, and to specify what information from your items must be displayed in the list. Such views can be saved for further "one-click" switching from one to another.

Email notifications

This another one "must have" feature for any bug tracking system includes manageable user's subscriptions to notifications about different kinds of events, and group reminders about things to be done.

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