Hosting News 2012

Date : 17 May 2012

Since we have reached our current number of paying customers we can afford less prices for our hosting. So, we are glad to inform you that we cut prices off 20%! This reduction is also applied to all our existing customers, and will take effect starting next billing period.

Hosting News 2011

Date : 27 September 2011

All paying plans, announced before, are available now. You may purchase new subdomains, or upgrade existing ones; visit your profile to see upgrade options. Also please read the terms of usage below.

If you have subscribed to a paying plan you are still able to cancel it anytime. In this case you will get a refund for the rest of the month. Also you can upgrade or downgrade your current plan to any other including the free one. When you are changing a plan you are prorated for partial month; please note that you can't change your plan more than two times a month.

If you would like to downgrade your current plan, you have to reduce your account instances (like amount of workflows and accounts number) to restrictions of a new plan, otherwise your request will be declined. To make the reduction it's not necessary to delete instances, you may just disable them. This would give you the ability to enable them back later in case of upgrading again.

Date : 31 July 2011

We have deployed Support Forum at, where you can ask for a help or give us a feedback.

Date : 14 June 2011

After several downtimes of our recent hosting provider (which already broke their "SLA 99.9%" statement) it was decided to change the provider to some really stable one. This time our bet is on Linode, who is already several years on the market and who seems very firm and reliable.

Date : 15 March 2011

Due to hardware problems occured at hosting provider, the service was unavailable since March 14 15:35 till March 15 00:10 (GMT). We apologize for any inconvenience.

Date : 28 February 2011

Have a safe trip!